Very few people have the privilege to feel the magic of a sunrise every day. For most of us, that is just something that happens while we are still sound asleep in our beds. But when we do sometimes find ourselves out there ready to embrace the new day that is just starting to take shape before our very eyes, then we have probably done the most important thing for us that day. As Nina Simone said more than half a century ago: "It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me. And I'm feeling good."!


Every day man wakes up with it, and every night man lays with it. Hope and life are so closely bound together that they can‘t be viewed separately, but instead, it can be said with great certainty that to live means to have hope. Some of the greatest moments in life are just that because they fulfil our hopes, and some of the deepest lows hit us as we watch our hopes crumble before our very eyes. Even despair doesn‘t mean that all hope is lost, but only that we are too blind to see it. For hope cannot be lost or destroyed, no one can take it away from us, it just changes form and rises from its ashes like a Fenix whenever we are ready to give it a chance. So remember, as long as there is breath within us, there is hope. iTunes GooglePlay Spotify Tidal

In the Air

For me, there isn't a better way to mark the beginning of the new year and at the same time to send out my best wishes to you all than with a new composition. The year that is behind me had its fair share of challenges, and good times as well. I am proud to say that all of the compositions that I've done in the past year have had great reception, and have also landed me a spot in the semi-finals of two of the biggest songwriting competitions in the world (The International Songwriting Competition and The UK Songwriting Competition). This year, I hope to bring you many more compositions that will, hopefully, push the bar even further and be a major step forward in every way. By no means an easy task but with your support, I know that I just can't go wrong.
At this point, I would like to mention all of the people who have participated in the creation of this work that is before you. The people who have been with me from the very beginning of my career, my friends from the By Heart Studio who always bring out the best in me and my music and my dear friend Manos who always manages to bring my music with a unique work of art that only he can do. I owe so much to these people. Also, I would like to mention the guest artists who have made this track very special for me: an extraordinary guitar player and my former teacher Dragan Markovic Gaga, and an amazing violin player from Sankt Petersburg Maria Grigoryeva. Thank you for being a part of this... iTunes GooglePlay Spotify Tidal

I am video

As a composer I always try my best not only to entertain people with my music, but also to send out a message that lasts long after the track has stopped playing. One of the most important things, that is also most easily forgotten in the midst of our everyday confusion is to know who we are. It is so easy to get caught up in the role that we have set for ourselves, so that we could easily spend a lifetime not understanding our true needs, and the needs of people around us. By doing so, we choose to close our eyes on us and the rest of the world as if it just doesn’t exist, keeping ourselves busy with our day-to-day tasks… “I am” is my way of showing, and motivating people to take some time every day to do something that will make their lives, and the lives of those around them just a little bit better.
I would like to take this opportunity to say one big thank you to my friends and colleagues at By Hearth studio who have made a great contribution in bringing this composition to life, and of course my dear friend Manos who has understood from the very beginning how this music should be showed, and gave it a video that certainly won’t leave you indifferent. Now, I would restrain myself from saying any more, and let yousee for yourself.

I am

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you wake up? If you are living something that could be called a "modern" life by today's standards, chances are that many things would come to you all at once, and most likely none of them would be very pleasant. The old Chinese philosopher Confucius once said that life is actually quite simple, but that we are the ones who insist on making it difficult. Well, I believe he had a point there. Because at the end of the day, what is our life all about? Quite simple, it is about us.
As selfish as this statement may seem, I know that deep down all of us know that there just isn't any other way. We only get to live our own life and not somebody else’s, don't we? So why do we keep pushing ourselves last? Because we need something or someone to take the blame for us not taking our life head on. It's easier to have an excuse for not doing something, than to actually do it. It is easier to take the shortcut that leads nowhere, than to actually take the long journey that might never finish. It's easier to be a passive participant of this one world that we all share, than to be an active fighter who's going for a cause that might already be lost. I will never be like that, and that's why I'm here, because I


I remember clearly when one of my childhood guitar heroes, the great Carlos Santana once said: ”Just as we have two eyes and two feet, duality is part of life”. And honestly, I can’t say that I did give much thought about it then. It seems that some words require time to be understood, and that true wisdom can only be acquired through age and experience. Today, I dare to say some instead of many years later, I admire his prudence as much as I admire his music. The truth that I only came to realize as of late is that no matter whether we look around, or within ourselves we will find duality. The two sides fighting for supremacy, no matter how opposite they may be are always present in every one of us, and everything that we know of. There isn’t anything that can entirely be positive or negative, good or bad, true or false, but only a balanced harmony of the two that creates a whole. Just as the day is a fine balance of light and darkness, the atom of positive and negative energy, so is in each and every one of us a plethora of opposite thoughts, feelings and characters that define us in our unique ways.

Despite everything that I’ve just said, I believe that mere words aren’t the most potent medium of translating this message, and certainly not a medium that I am very comfortable with. So with the help of a very special guest on this track, my friend and an outstanding vocalist Oliver Katic, I have tried to bring this story closer to you the best way that I possibly can, through music. SoundCloud YouTube

Coming Home

There is just no place like home. Wherever we are and whatever we do, it is a great comfort to know that no matter what, we will always have that special place that will be there waiting for us. A home is so much more than just a plain structure made to keep us warm and safe. It is a fine balance between memories, emotions and the overall atmosphere that gives us the sense of peace, serenity, and a sense of belonging. Unfortunately, in today’s world, many people are simply denied that. We bear witness to the tragic events that are forcing people to leave everything behind, and look for their happiness elsewhere. They head into the unknown never knowing if they will ever come back, or find another place to call their home. SoundCloud

New World

We are witnessing the world moving and changing at an amazing pace, that is becoming increasingly difficult even for the new generations to follow. With such rapid progress, comes a great deal of uncertainty. What are we doing? Where are we heading? Will we be better off in the end? These are all legitimate questions, that are becoming louder and louder each day. It seems as if we are looking out of the window of a fast train, that is moving at such speed that the entire scenery gradually becomes a blur. With that, it is almost impossible to say where we will be tomorrow and what surprises the future may hold for us. All in all, the best that we can do is just to sit back and hope that everything will turn out well.SoundCloud and YouTube

Time Shall Pass video

Shortly after the release of the track, the video has arrived. There aren't too many words that can be used to describe this piece of art, which was again brought by my good friend Manos. We seem to share that special artistic connection, which enables us to have a perfect understanding of each others work, which in the end always results with a video that, in my opinion, represents the perfect combination of two different and yet so similar arts. Make sure that you don't miss it, as it is available on my videos page, as well as on my YouTube channel.

Time Shall Pass

"Time shall pass", is the name of the third track that I would like to present to you today. Time for me is quite an artistic category, as it doesn't have a fixed form, but is very relative not just from a scientific but also from a personal standpoint. We all perceive and use time differently, but nevertheless it continues to move just as well for everybody and anything that we know of. Sometimes we may not like it, sometimes we may not even approve, and yet same as always time shall pass.

The Art of Love video

I am very happy to announce the first video for my track "The Art of Love". Many have tried to define love, but the very beauty of it lies in the fact that it can't really be defined, it can't be explained and it can't be classified. It just has its own way that is not ours to understand, but to follow and appreciate every step on it that we make. So I don't try to do the impossible, I just try to bring through my music that intangible feeling that may be something new to you, something old, or even long forgotten. The video captures the atmosphere and the emotion of the music in a very delicate way that really wouldn't be possible without the help of my good friend Manos, who has made a great effort to bring this story in a visual form in a same way that I did with music. You can find this video on my videos page, as well as on my YouTube channel.


"Forgive Me" has received a Runner Up award on the 2016 International Song Of The Year Songwriting Competition.


New music

Two new tracks: "Forgive Me" and "The Art of Love" are available now for free download and streaming on my music page, as well as on my SoundCloud. I am constantly working on new pieces of music which will be published here on a regular basis. You can also find the latest information about it on my Facebook and Twitter, as well as some insights on the latest music I am currently working on.


Welcome to my official web page. I am very glad to have you here. First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Marko Tanic, I am 27 years old, and I come from a small country in southeastern Europe called Serbia. It gives me great pleasure to finally have the opportunity to present myself to you after more than 16 years in music. Unfortunately, the music today is taken for granted as it is becoming omnipresent in our everyday lives with artistry, the power of expression, and the meaning of music standing as almost forgotten virtues in modern society. I try very hard to do my best, within the limits of my means, to get my music out there and be heard by the people who know how to appreciate the effort of a man who is here just because he loves music and nothing more. I hope that someday, with your support, I will be able to bring my music to you the way it was always meant to be played: with a live symphonic orchestra, and live instruments. For now, I have faith in the future, and I have faith in music which gives me the strength to keep on going.